In the year 1998 the first Gazebo restaurant was set up with an intention to introduce this fascinating style of cuisine to the city. Although initially it filled the gap in the market for an authentic Dum Pukth restaurant, today it leads in its category. Gazebo brings to the table traditional recipes from the royal kitchens of Lucknow, Avadh and the North Western Frontier, which were ruled by the Dum Pukht cuisine. Patrons cannot help but rave about the Raan-E-Sikandari, Jhinga Zaitooni, Murgh Zafrani Biryani, Dhingri Mutter Paneer and many more. Live coals are placed in layers under the cauldrons to impart just the right amount of heat to cook a particular dish. This, like many other little details, are part of the trade secrets which have been passed down from one generation to the next.

Legend has it, late in the 18th century the compassionate Nawab
Asaf-ud-Daulah of Awadh announced the construction of the Bara Imambara to create jobs for the people, to alleviate hunger. In addition, he also ordered food to be made available for the workers on site. This resulted in large cauldrons being filled with rice, meat, vegetables and spices - then sealed with dough so that the steam would not escape. Hot coals were placed over the pot to make a simple, one-dish meal. When the vessels were unsealed, the delicious aromas attracted royal attention. By order of the Nawab, the Dum cuisine was perfected for the royal table. Dum means "steam” and Pukth is to "cook". Dum Pukth delicacies have a flavour of their own. Before long, the new cuisine became the fashion statement of many other royal courts like Hyderabad, Delhi, Kashmir, Rampur, and Bhopal.

History                                            Established in OCT 1998.......

Units                                               6 units currently

Country                                           UAE
of origin           

Type of franchise                           Single Unit, Area Developers , Master franchisors  

Average investment/                    $250.000 –US$ 500,000 per unit build out cost

Master franchise /                       To be determined based on number of franchises taken
 Area development fee                or scope of area development ( From USD 100,000 -700,000
  and up)

Royalty                                         5 %

Marketing levy                            2 %

Franchise agreement
Term/years                              An initial term of Ten (10) years with an option to renew  for additional ten (10) year terms

Territories                                  UAE, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Oman, Bahrain, Kuwait, Iran

Operating models                      Flexible business model that may include fixed retail location, foodcourt location 450 sq ft,   Standard l
                                                       store operating modeshall be 2000 sq ft. 

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